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Pyrford C of E Primary School
Pyrford C of E Primary School


C of E Primary School


At Pyrford Primary School, we are proud that our children love learning History.  Our History lessons provide enrichment activities and experiential learning which aim to bring the past to life in a fun, engaging manner. We encourage the children to celebrate the achievement of a culturally diverse range of individuals within units and additionally throughout Black History Month.









Knowledge Organisers 

Year 1 Christopher Columbus
  Queen Elizabeth I and II
  The Moon Landing
Year 2 Florence Nightingale
  Local History
  The Great Fire of London
Year 3 Ancient Egypt
  Celts and Romans
  The Coming of the Railways
Year 4 Anglo Saxons
  Riotous Royals
  Shang Dynasty
Year 5 History of Diversity in the Local Area
Year 6 20th Century Entertainment
  Ancient Greeks
  Stone Age