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Pyrford C of E Primary School
Pyrford C of E Primary School


C of E Primary School

Governor Attendance at Meetings

Newark Trust

Name 12.10.22 23.11.22 30.11.22 22.02.23 29.03.23 10.05.23
Richard Cartledge
Kathryn Krynicki
Julia Lamaison  Apologies Apologies
Chris Newell Apologies  Apologies
Duncan Reynell (term of office has ended) Apologies n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Rob Tipping   Apologies   Apologies


Full Governing Body

Name Category 12.10.22 30.11.22 22.02.23 29.03.23 10.05.23
Nicholas Aiken Ex officio  Apologies Apologies
Sue Ashpitel Trust
Richard Cartledge Trust
Julia Lamaison Trust  Apologies
Chris Newell Trust Apologies Apologies
Arshia Ahmad Parent n/a  Apologies
Jack Clements Parent   Apologies Apologies
Stephanie Broadley (term of office has ended) Parent  n/a n/a n/a n/a
Marlena Gilbey Staff n/a   Apologies
Chantelle Porter Staff n/a  Apologies
Sarah Adams (term of office has ended) Staff  n/a n/a n/a n/a
Emma Lines (term of office has ended) Staff  n/a n/a n/a n/a
Kathryn Krynicki Ex officio
Rachel Clement Ex officio    n/a n/a

Effectiveness Committee

Name 11.11.22



03.03.23 28.06.23
Julia Lamaison  Apologies
Nicholas Aiken  Apologies
Sue Ashpitel  Apologies
Chris Newell
Jack Clements  Apologies
Chantelle Porter  Apologies
Kathryn Krynicki   Apologies
Rachel Clement    n/a


Finance & Audit Committee

Name 23.11.22 25.01.23 22.03.23 17.05.23


Richard Cartledge
Julia Lamaison Apologies
Rob Tipping
Arshia Ahmad Absent   Apologies
Marlena Gilbey
Kathryn Krynicki
Rachel Clement    n/a n/a