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Pyrford C of E Primary School
Pyrford C of E Primary School


C of E Primary School


Our curriculum is balanced and broadly based. It consists of all the activities designed or encouraged in the school to develop the intellectual, personal, social and physical activities of the children.

We aim to help our children, with the co-operation of their parents:

  • To develop into happy and confident individuals with a secure foundation in learning that will last throughout their lives
  • Develop enquiring minds through knowledge with understanding which questions the world in which they live
  • Establish a command of the subjects contained in the National Curriculum
  • Value and understand religious and moral beliefs
  • Develop a respect for the views of others
  • Appreciate human achievements and aspirations
  • To always aim higher

We try to do this by providing:

  • A school environment in which we develop the 'whole' child
  • Whole school and individual staff professional development which ensures the highest quality of teaching and learning
  • Opportunities to work with other children and adults in a friendly atmosphere and so develop social skills in co-operating with each other.

Our curriculum includes not only the formal programme of lessons, but the 'informal' programme of extra curricular activities, gaining cultural capital,  as well as the features which produce the school's ethos, such as equality of opportunity.  All children and staff are encouraged to participate in the wider life of the school. Parents and the local community are also actively engaged with the life of the school.

The curriculum is planned by the staff, who undertake research and development programmes to build a knowledge and skills based curriculum which is regularly reviewed. The National Curriculum provides a necessary framework and ensures continuity throughout the child's time at Pyrford. The curriculum detail forms the most important element in the School Improvement Plan which in turn covers all aspects of school life.

Our teaching is child-centred in that our pupils are central to all our planning. We have high expectations of our children. We are committed to experiential based learning and our younger children follow a continuous provision model through the early years. We aim to plan interesting and exciting lessons which inspire children.

Our close links within the parish of Wisley with Pyrford supports the strong Christian ethos which runs throughout the school.


We teach mathematics so that our pupils develop their understanding and enjoyment. Where possible we apply it to everyday life.

Each child has a daily maths lesson based on the National Framework for Mathematics. This involves direct teaching and interactive oral work with the whole class and groups. You can read more about this in our Maths Area.

Maths Overview


Our English curriculum is planned to develop the basic skills of reading and writing, the enjoyment of books and effective communication in speech and writing. Literacy is a great importance at this school, and we provide the children with as many opportunities such as theatre trips and visits as possible. All our teaching embraces the National Framework for Literacy. You can read more about this by going to our English Area.

English Overview

MFL Spanish

Our intent is to provide broad linguistic and cultural experiences for our pupils that enable them to foster a love of languages and to develop their communication skills in the four key areas of language learning: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The children receive an engaging, inspiring and challenging Spanish curriculum, which develops their skills and knowledge and lays the foundations for further language teaching at secondary school.

A detailed Spanish curriculum has been created, ensuring cross-curricular links are present where possible, thus encouraging critical thinking, interaction and reflection. You can read more about this by going to our MFL Spanish Area.

MFL Overview


The school has an extensive range of ICT resources including a purpose built ICT room.

Each class has at least one weekly teaching session and a further range of computers/tablets within the classrooms extend the use of ICT across the curriculum.

There is a whole school network and the internet is accessed over the broadband connection. A dedicated technician is responsible for the network, whilst the Computing leader focuses on the curriculum planning and delivery.

Computing Overview

Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) 

SRE is taught throughout the school in line with statutory guidance . The children are led gently to a deeper understanding of all the issues involved in this subject according to their level of maturity. The programme of work incorporates knowledge, attitudes and behaviour.

All aspects of SRE require close co-operation between home and school and parents are informed in advance when sex education is to be taught.

Religious Education

The R.E. syllabus is delivered in accordance with Surrey SACRE and the Diocese of Guildford schemes of work. RE is at the heart of our Church of England School.

The school is inspected under section 48 of the SIAMs framework.

School Parents are reminded of their right to withdraw their children from all or part of the religious education and collective worship provided. This should be discussed with the Headteacher.

RE Overview

Special Needs 

From time to time many children will need additional help either to overcome a learning difficulty or to ensure that the curriculum fully extends their abilities. Specialist help is available within the school. Our Special Needs co-ordinator oversees the work of a team of teachers and classroom assistants who support and advise the classroom teacher.

They work with small groups and monitor the progress of children. Additional help is available when appropriate from Educational Psychologists and other outside support agencies.


At Pyrford Primary School, our aim is to provide Geography lessons which stimulate curiosity in the children, compelling them to want to discover more about our wonderful planet and to learn more about what humans need to do to protect its future. We do this through the provision of
enrichment activities and experiential learning which ensures that content is delivered in a fun, engaging manner. We are proud that our children love learning Geography. We encourage the children to celebrate the cultural diversity of the countries they study and support them to respect the world they live in.

We are proud that our children love learning History. Our History lessons provide enrichment activities and experiential learning which aim to bring the past to life in a fun, engaging manner. We encourage the children to celebrate the achievement of a culturally diverse range of individuals within units and additionally throughout Black History Month.

Geography Overview

History Overview