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Pyrford C of E Primary School
Pyrford C of E Primary School


C of E Primary School

Celebrating Achievement

I am delighted to share with you the phenomenal success of the school in terms of the academic achievements of our pupils.  As you may know, Primary league tables were published in mid-December.  Pyrford sat very proudly in the top 20 of 486 Surrey schools and in the top 20% nationally.  Behind the scenes, the DfE work with schools to validate data and create dashboards against national comparators.  Comparators cover all aspects of school life including attendance, staffing and other school characteristics.

Below is a snapshot of where our school is doing extremely well.  In all areas performance is significantly above the national figures.  In some areas, the school sits in the top 3% and never below the top 20% nationally, both in terms of achievement and progress.  The children’s achievements are well worthy of celebration.  The trends are consistent over the last 4 years, despite going through a pandemic! As a school community  of staff, governors, parents and children we work together to give the Pyrford children the very best education – well done to everyone!

Kathryn Krynicki

  Performance in 2023 2023 value 2023 nat'l value
Reading KS2 progress 96th percentile 4.1 0.0
Writing KS2 progress 90th percentile 2.9 0.0
Mathematics KS2 progress 93rd percentile 3.6 0.0
Reading, Writing & Mathematics KS2 expected standard % 90th percentile 78 59
Reading KS2 expected standard % 87th percentile 88 73
Writing KS2 expected standard % 87th percentile 85 71
Mathematics KS2 expected standard % 97th percentile 95 73
Reading KS2 high standard % 89th percentile 47 29
Writing KS2 greater depth % 88th percentile 25 13
Mathematics KS2 high standard % 87th percentile 38 24
English Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling KS2 expected standard % 81st percentile 85 72
English Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling KS2 high standard % 88th percentile 47 30