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Pyrford C of E Primary School
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Our Golden Book Winners


Congratulations to our Golden Book winners

N SQUIRRELS - Salsabeel Mushtaq. Salsabeel spent a long time building with the bricks. She made different arrangements and her favourite was a house. Well done Salsabeel!

R BEECH - Husniya Hussain for playing with the boom whackers so amazingly. She explored the instruments in her play, tapping a beat and exploring the pitch of the different lengths. Great job Husniya!

R HAZEL - Riley Brien. Riley has done so much work this week that we aren’t able to share it all. He did fabulous independent writing about our trip to the farm and carefully drew a duckling, remembering to include all the features. Well done Riley!

1 OAK - Mayra Lakhwani for excellent computing skills. Well done Mayra!

1 PINE - Samuel Potter for brilliant writing about Leaf. Samuel wrote some fantastic adjectives.

2 CEDAR - Sophie Litston. In Music this half term, Year 2 have been learning to play the recorder. Sophie has shown her passion for performing through her attention and musicianship in class and is proving to be a born performer. Well done Sophie!

2 HAWTHORN - Amal-Khadija Ali. We have set up a Science investigation to see what a seed needs to germinate and grow healthily. Amal is enjoying observing the plants each week and drew lovely pictures to show what has happened to the seeds. Her own seed has grown particularly tall. Well done Amal, great science!

3 ELM  - Mustafa Ali. This week we have been learning about capacity and volume in Maths. Mustafa has done a brilliant job with all his learning, completing his work accurately and also solving some tricky challenges. Great work Mustafa!

3 MAPLE - Amy Stringfellow. In Year 3 we learned about the life cycle of a flowering plant. Amy thought carefully about what happens at each stage and presented her work beautifully. Well done Amy, keep up the good work.

4 ALDER - James Jaworski for showing great enthusiasm for our new RE topic about Humanist ceremonies. He thought carefully about the subject and shared some excellent ideas and answers. This shows in his work where he thought about people who guide him. We are so pleased to see your interest James!

4 BIRCH - Maisy Campbell-Wild for her excellent collagraph print collage that she created, inspired by Glen Alps. Maisy used leaf, string and collage to create her painting tiles. We love the level of detail that she included. Well done Maisy - you have created a fantastic piece of art!

4 LARCH - Ayesha Akram for her excellent work in RE. She understood the common milestones that we celebrate in life and was able to reflect on how humanists celebrate new life through having naming ceremonies.


5 ROWAN - Adriana Kale-Parron for her excellent work and engagement in our DT project. Adriana has produced some pleasing ideas and shown a real interest in creating an exciting pizza topping using complementary flavours. Well done Adriana - we can’t wait to see the finished product!

5 WILLOW - Myles Esprit. We have been completing our DT project, looking at food provenance and seasonality within Europe. Myles showed excellent enthusiasm in the lesson. He used his observational skills to draw different herbs and spices, labelling them with interesting adjectives regarding their scent. He listened and contributed very well. Well done Myles!

6 HOLLY - Hope Madzingira. In Geography we have been finding out information about Death Valley in North America, comparing both physical and human geography with where we live. Hope wrote about some interesting features of the area and we look forward to her work next week when she compares these areas with Alaska. Great work - well done!

6 LAUREL - Zeha Sankar for her work in Science this week. Zeha worked hard on her assessment of our Electricity topic, planning an investigation and labelling her circuit diagram clearly and correctly. Zeha has also settled into a new class and new school very well. She should be very proud of all her hard work. Well done Zeha!