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Pyrford C of E Primary School
Pyrford C of E Primary School


C of E Primary School

Choir sing at the O2 Arena


40 children travelled up to London on Tuesday to sing at the Young Voices event at the O2. 

To see the pictures from this visit, please vist the Photos page.


"The O2 was a magical experience- I loved every second of being there and performing." Poppy

"I had a brilliant time at the O2. My favourite part was watching the Urban Strides dancers because they were so talented!" Larissa

"It was really fun being at the O2. I liked the lights and atmosphere when we performed in the evening. I also enjoyed the dance crew as their modern dances were really cool!" Hayden

"I really liked where we were sitting as we could see our parents and the stage really well. The Urban Strides dance crew has really inspired me to do more dancing as I’d love to perform on a stage one day! My favourite song was Africa as it reminds me of when I go there on holiday." Taylor

"I had great fun rehearsing during the day as I liked watching the acts performing. Urban Strides were really cool!" Zoya

" I had an excellent time at the O2 and my favourite part was the dance crew performing. When they danced with the lightsabers it was so exciting! My favourite dancer was Alicia." Stephi

"I really enjoyed the show as we got to watch amazing singers perform on stage. I also loved taking part and performing with over 8,000 other children!" Katherine

"The special effects were amazing- everything from the lights, to the dancers, to the celebrities, to the dresses! My favourite song to perform was ‘You’re in the Band’ as it was so upbeat and we could really rock out!" Lucy